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  •   Has Antidepressant treatment failed you?

                                      Try TMS 

- FDA cleared
- Non-drug
- Non-invasive
- Little to no side effect treatment
- Covered by most insurances
- Long lasting symptom relief
- Neurologist approved and led

About TMS therapy


You’ve tried medications for depression but they haven’t worked. You’re looking for a solution but you don’t know what to turn to next.

You’re not alone. Many patients who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder have stories just like yours. And many of them have turned to TMS Therapy to help reduce their symptoms.

TMS Therapy is an FDA-cleared safe and effective non-drug depression treatment for patients who are not satisfied with the results of standard drug therapy. This novel treatment option provides benefits without the side effects often associated with antidepressant medication.

What is TMS Therapy

(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation):

  • Uses precisely targeted magnetic pulses

  • Magnetic pulses similar to those used in MRI

  • Stimulates key areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression

  • Is conducted right in the doctor’s office

Facts about TMS Depression Treatment

  • Patients are awake and alert during treatment

  • Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately after treatment

  • In-office treatment takes 19 to 37 minutes

  • Treatment is administered 5 days a week, for approximately 4 to 6 weeks

With this magnetic stimulation providing therapy, and more than one million treatments performed, this novel treatment approach to achieving remission is bringing new hope to patients every day.

TMS Therapy may not be right for everyone. Call us today to learn more about how this proven depression treatment can help and whether it is right for you.

Learn how TMS Therapy has helped reduce symptoms in people living with depression.


California Neuromodulation and Brain Health provides these services:

  • General neurology

  • Comprehensive neurology tests

  • TMS- Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  • MRI and FMRI

  • Alzheimer's, memory loss, dementia

  • And many other services  See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!


“I wasn't able to leave my house for years. My family took me to many different doctors and hospitals. With different tests and analyzes Dr. Franc helped me overcome and understand my illness. Now I'm free for the first time.”


Russ Libman

​"My Father is 88 and suffering from dementia.  In an effort to find a way to improve his condition we made an appointment to see Dr. Franc.


We found Dr. Franc unhurried and intent on listening to my father describe his history and  what he was hoping to accomplish with Dr. Franc's assistance.  


After completing tests Dr. Franc needed to make an assessment of my father's neurological condition, Dr. Franc again took his time explaining his findings in an honest, kind and easy to understand manner.  Any questions my father had were answered in the same thoughtful way.


My dad is still in process with Dr. Franc and feeling encouraged and confident in the care he is receiving.


I would recommend Dr. Daniel Franc to anyone looking for a great neurologist.


Heide Briggs

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