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If you are a patient suffering from depression who has not had satisfactory results from standard antidepressant medication, California Neuromodulation TMS Therapy can help. This novel alternative depression treatment is not a drug, so it does not circulate throughout the body and does not have the side effects that are associated with drug therapy.

California Neuromodulation and Brain Health Services



Being seen and evaluated by our renowned neurologist you will make sure to get the right diognose and treatment. Having worked with depression and done research in this field we have found that TMS is a great option for patient who have not had any luck with anti depressants.

You’ve tried medications for depression but they haven’t worked. You’re looking for a solution but you don’t know what to turn to next.

You’re not alone. Many patients who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder have stories just like yours. And many of them have turned to TMS Therapy to help reduce their symptoms.

What is TMS Therapy

(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation):

  • Uses precisely targeted magnetic pulses

  • Magnetic pulses similar to those used in MRI

  • Stimulates key areas of the brain that are underactive in patients with depression

  • Is conducted right in the doctor’s office

Facts about TMS Depression Treatment 

  • Patients are awake and alert during treatment

  • Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately after treatment

  • In-office treatment takes 19 to 37 minutes

  • Treatment is administered 5 days a week, for approximately 4 to 6 weeks


Are you ready for TMS?
Are you taking medication to treat your depression?
Are you still depressed despite your medication?
Are you experiencing side effects from your medication?
Have you switched medications more than once due to side effects?
Are depression symptoms having an effect on your ability to earn a living?
Are depression symptoms interfering with your leisure activities or relationships with your family and friends?

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