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Mental Health Support in Your Pocket

In the fast paced world that we live in it can be hard to take find the time to invest in our own mental health. This coupled with the cost of mental healthcare may make getting support seem out of reach. Here are some user friendly and affordable options for at home mental health support that some of our team members have found helpful as well.

Moodnotes is $4.99 and uses a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to help with negative thinking patterns that lead to negative behavioral patterns. This app uses daily questions to help you track your mood so that you may be able to begin to recognize some unhealthy thinking patterns. This app is great for anyone who has been struggling to figure out what has been bothering them so that they may begin the process of balance and healing.

Breathing Zone is $3.99 and it offers help honing in on ones breathing technique. With this simple interface you need only to pick the guided sound you would like to use then get started. This is an excellent app to use during a 15 minute lunch break or to decompress after a day at work or school. Taking a moment to check in with yourself is a great way to manage anxiety and stress levels.

Talk Space sessions start at $25 and can be scheduled within 24 hours. It can be hard to get an appointment with a therapist and this app may be the perfect answer for that. Talk space offers both one-on-one and couples therapy. The best part is that you may have these sessions in any space you feel most comfortable and safe. Sessions may be done via text or by video chat with a live therapist.

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